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Probably every person, deep down, wanted the first words to understand the essence of his companion. Whether to trust the source whether it is reliable. Whether to build up long term relationship and whether it will be a faithful spouse. Do you think that this subject only psychics? Not at all. Moreover, under certain training, this gift can be wielded by all. Intrigued. Then read books on psychology. And let it be not only scientific literature. Psychological thrillers, romance novels, detective stories, these literary field will also help to understand the human psyche. Analyzing the situation and behavior book, you are taught to use this skill in real life. It's so nice to understand what the woman thinks, if you're a man, and Vice versa. If all people to read the psychology, the quarrels, arguments, and wars in principle would not be in the light. Don't like psychology? We will not insist, because the book selection is a purely personal matter. Read the classics, biographical sketches. Analyze the lives and actions of people. This money will help in the understanding of others.

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